Welcome to The Lightning Group

The Lightning Group provides custom consulting services for the entertainment world including new and existing nightclubs & bars, to help owners find new efficiencies and maximize the bottom line.  More planning at the conceptual and logistical stages goes into successful events, concerts, nightclubs & bars than most owners realize.  Careful planning makes the difference between nightclubs & bars that are busy for 1-2 years and then die down, and those that can defy the averages and stay profitable for many more years.  The Lightning Group has expertise to assist you in the following areas, to help make your nightclub run like a finely tuned machine:

Promotion/Event Planning  

The Lightning Group is connected to a large network of promoters in a variety of different musical genres.  From nightclubs to corporate parties and events, The Lightning Group can take your night from an idea to reality.  With the right promoters in place, an empty room will never be one of your concerns.  The Lightning Group has over 25 years of experience in throwing club nights and events, and has an unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to keep the dance floor busy.