Jim Kambourakis is an accomplished nightclub owner with over 29 years experience in business and branding development. In key strategic roles as the owner and operator of his own nightclubs he has been involved in the design, construction, marketing, economic development and management of entertainment venues in and around Southern Ontario.

Jim started his career as DJ/Promoter and an integral part of the GQ Supreme Team, a Greater Toronto based Promotion Company, launching a string of successful events securing his foothold within the local community. He then shifted his attention to the nightclub arena taking on a 4 year stint as Light Jockey in the renowned Spectrum Nightclub, earning him the moniker “Jimmy Lightning”. He began to turn his attention to the business and operational side, legitimizing his branding, promotional and marketing skills and introducing him to the world of audio and sound design. Working directly with veteran Ted MacDonald, the duo formed Audio Visual Methods (AVM), designing some of Southern Ontario’s greatest sound & lighting systems for nightclubs. Among some of the more noteworthy venues are  Paparazzi, The Phoenix, Club 108, RPM, XIT II Eden, The Max, Stilife, Skorpio, The Molson Amp Theater, the CN Tower and more recently in venues Tattoo Rock Parlor, Dragonfly Nightclub and This Is London.

The launch of the legendary Orchid Nightclub in 1994, a plush upscale venue in the heart of the entertainment district, was Jim’s first foray into ownership. The 11,000 square foot, multi level venue became the playground for the stylish & well to do of the city, setting the standard by which all other nightclubs would follow. Tonic, Jim’s second brainchild, was built in the very same space as Orchid. A specialized multimedia environment & one of the city’s most creative use of 72 televisions suspended over the dance floor, Kambourakis created one of the most talked about lighting experiences imaginable. This ceiling design creates pulsating images, swirls of color & motion and was the pinnacle of lighting design.

Kambourakis’ hard work, imagination & transcendence of evolution garnered the respect of patrons & his peers. His professional expertise augmented by successful business development led to a new era for expansion. He and Charles Khabouth united to become undisputed titans of clubland in Canada. This Is London, their first venture, an opulent, Old English Gentleman’s Club with vintage chic style charisma – a smart mix of old school & cutting edge trends – set the stage for the duos most prolific endeavor to date, Dragonfly Nightclub.

Kambourakis & Khabouth partnered with the Niagara Fallsview Casino, to open Dragonfly. The Asian inspired 12,000 square foot nightclub is sensuously playful. Fourteen foot iron clad doors borrowed from the ancient Forbidden City, mesmerize patrons upon arrival at the entrance of the club, followed by a dignified entranceway toward the main club area to a glamorous dance floor featuring a one-of-a kind LED video ceiling, once again an innovation spearheaded by Kambourakis. Dragonfly’s VIP Area is an exclusive setting situated on a raised platform above the club’s main dance floor. It boasts nine luxurious private booths as well as a special private room dressed in classic violet and golden furnishings fit for a king. The venue’s magnificence and cutting edge sophistication mark a legendary advancement of nightclub entertainment.

After creating a name for himself as a successful entrepreneur Jim has become a sought after business consultant. From clubs and restaurants, to brand representatives and government officials, Jim continues to add to his long list of consulting clientele. Not only does he use his business knowledge to benefit his own ventures but also to continue elevating the industries in which he works. Some of Jim’s largest business competitors have even called on him to aid in consultations. Jim is a consistent audience member and contributor at city council meetings pertaining to the nightlife industry and any other industries related to his work. Jim holds a firm belief that the prosperity of his businesses depend on the well-being and progression of his staff, colleagues and industries. Jim’s bar staff have been named Toronto Bar Staff of the Year countless times over. Jim continues to motive the people around him to keep his businesses and industries in a constant state of evolution.

Known for being ahead of trends and raising business standards, Jim Kambourakis has become one of the most proclaimed entrepreneurs in Toronto. With the ability to work in virtually any position within a club, Jim has acquired a seemingly unparalleled foresight into his businesses and nightlife itself. As time goes on, one can rest assured that Jim Kambourakis’ passions will continue to enhance Toronto’s Nightlife and all other industries he devotes himself to.