Tattoo Rock Parlor

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

In 2009 Tattoo Rock Parlor was created from another venue known as Left Bank. Located in the downtown core of Queen St., West, a hip & funky area. An opportunity arose for Ink and Liberty Entertainment Group to take over the space. Charles Khabouth, of Ink had always wanted to do a rock club. Within nine months, he did just that. He created Canada’s first high end rock club / parlour – and the only rock club in North America with an attached tattooist operation as part of the venue.

During reconstruction it was relatively simple matter to demolish the interior but the biggest challenge was that being an old building in a central location, it took twice as long to rebuild within the confines of the layout and design of the pre-existing structure. So they hired designers 3rd Uncle, also known for the DRAKE Hotel, to transform this new rock parlour. This dual level space is sexy, innovative and comfortable. The upper level features two bars, a stage for live music, banquettes, cool dining area and cocktail tables trimming the walls and licensed for 300 people. The lower level features an intimate atmosphere with a fireplace and its own private entrance for 150 people.

Another challenge all too familiar to club designers was soundproofing in a central location adjacent to other businesses, so Charles Khabouth called upon Jim Kambourakis, his partner with other venues and owner of Audio Video Methods (AVM) to install the sound and lighting. Kambourakis determined and decided to go with an EAW box. KF650 would do the job he says, “the space was small and short”. KF650 offered 60-degree horizontal dispersion, with a 3-way design fostering very high vocal reproduction quality, a cone-driven midrange horn and horn-loaded woofer extend pattern control into the lower octaves. “Two per side would be perfect! No band or sound tech could ever complain about it…” he laughed, “It was overkill”! Working with bands we had to accommodate them, with tech riders getting so sophisticated, Khabouth didn’t want to be renting equipment on a day per day basis. We added a 32-channel Midas Venice console and a bunch of effect units from BSS, DBX, TC Electronics, Yamaha and the list goes on. Because the venue had to also work as a nightclub, we had to add a pair of speakers (KF????) on the opposite end. With band lighting it was simple 12 moving heads from Martin (Mac 250) and a bunch of par-64 at 1K would be more than sufficient to entertain the audience. The biggest problem, says Kambourakis was the soundproofing, with sound levels reaching 125db. The neighbors could hear everything. The solution was to build another sub wall, free floating from ground to ceiling, insulated and 2 inches of drywall.  The fact was it was an old building and little or no reinforcement between the neighbors. It worked!

Tattoo Rock Parlour hosted artists such as Sum 41, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback. The All American Rejects, Hedley, Thornley, Sloan, Metro Station, Moneen and more…live acts take the stage most nights during the week, and DJs spinning rock n’ roll will fill in the gaps the rest of the week. The music ranges from alternative to rock and classic rock, to punk.

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